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2018 IHF National Hairdressing Championships

SUNDAY 11th MARCH 2018






Competitions can certainly open many doors for you and your team.....

 Encourage your team to explore their:

  •  creativity,
  • innovative ideas,
  • imaginative ideas,
  • edgy looks,
  • classy image,
  • futuristic images


Competitions are a huge platform for education, training and they encourage competitors to work outside their comfort zone and realise some of their hidden potential.


Featured Salon

Davey Davey

 Davey Davey

Welcome to Hairdressing live. 

 This is a community for hairdressers where they can get weekly or monthly education at a price they can afford.

We promise 3 things. Inspiration, easy to learn classes, with the best hairdressers. 


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