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2018 IHF National Hairdressing Championships

SUNDAY 11th MARCH 2018






Competitions can certainly open many doors for you and your team.....

 Encourage your team to explore their:

  •  creativity,
  • innovative ideas,
  • imaginative ideas,
  • edgy looks,
  • classy image,
  • futuristic images


Competitions are a huge platform for education, training and they encourage competitors to work outside their comfort zone and realise some of their hidden potential.


Featured Salon

Jim Hatton

Salon: Jim Hatton

Address: 40 Dunville Ave, Ranelagh, Dublin 6. Tel: 01 4976840

Moto: Our philosophy is simple, whether it's a total make over or maintenance of your existing look every visit to The Jim Hatton Salon will leave you with a reinforced sense of well being.


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