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About Us



Irish Hairdressers Federation

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Irish Hairdressers Federation (IHF) web site.  As the representative organisation for the hairdressing profession in Ireland, the IHF, for an organisation of its relative size, provides a very extensive service to its members. These services include representation, advisory, networking and support, training/educational, competitions, social events and discount schemes. These services are not limited to Ireland, but take account of worldwide events and development within the profession. The IHF aims to raise the professionalism and commitment to the hair industry.

The fees paid to the IHF by its members are used to fund normal office costs, auditing of accounts, advertising and website costs and expenses associated with National Executive meetings. The Federation 015-photoshootmay2011employs one part-time secretary. Salary or fees are not paid to any member of the Executive Committee all of whom give their time on a voluntary basis. The members\' fees are not used to finance any social or competition events organised by the Federation. In other words the fees are purely used in the service of the membership as a whole. The finances of the IHF are independently audited each year, and these accounts are open to inspection by any current member at each years AGM.055

Membership runs from date of purchase for 12 months. January to December of each year.

The IHF continues to work vigorously to strengthen the voice of the Federation itself and thanks the current 2012 members for supporting IHF events, for speaking positively about he IHF within the trade and for encouraging other salon owners to join.

IHF Members: From time to time members of the Irish Hairdressers Federation may get information on special offers from outside sources through their membership with the IHF if you do not wish to be included in these mail outs please contact the IHF office 056-8833808/0866995003.

 The Irish Hairdressers Federation was formed as a voluntary group in 1974. Since its establishment, the Federation has worked tirelessly to raise the status of hairdressing as a profession in Ireland, to provide advisory services to its members, to provide a creative and competitive platforms through which their members\' skills can be developed, to promote professional standards of service within the profession, to promote a standardised system of hairdressing training in Ireland, and to offer opportunities for members to get together with like-minded professionals to discuss issues that affect their everyday working lives. The Federation provides an Advice Line whereby members can get help or advice relating to trade or employment issues. The Federation issues a regular Newsletter updating members on key issues and developments in the industry. The Federation also publishes guidelines for its members on such issues as Salon Rules, Contracts of Employment, Health & Safety, Disciplinary Procedures, Payment of Wages and a Code of Ethics. It also provides a discount scheme for Health Insurance and Salon Insurance. The IHF is the only official voice for Irish Hairdressers. Full membership is available to salon owners and can be claimed as a business expenses. Membership application forms are available form the IHF Secretary at IHF, Seskin South, Ballyragget, Co Kilkenny. Tel: 056-8833808. You are welcome to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any queries you might have about the IHF.

Some Past Presidents of the Irish Hairdressers Federation


Left to right back row: Philip Rochford, Eoin Wright, David Murray, Maeve O'Healy-Harte and Frank Hession.

Front row: Left to right: Barbara Aldritt, Greg Clarke and Saundra Fabian.



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The Irish Hairdressers is a current member of the OMC 2015


 and the Small Firms Association




Some members of the Irish Hairdressers Federation Executive Committee 2013


   President IHF - Gerry Hynes 2013

Paul Donnelly, Treasurer

IMG_3084-by-The-Image-Studi Mr Greg Clarke IHF Executive Committee

IHF Executive Committee Member - Irene Devereux

IMG_3094-by-The-Image-Studi  IHF Executive Committee member - Duncan Kenna

IMG_3082-by-The-Image-StudiIHF Executive Committee member - Saundra Fabian












IHF Office Administrator

Pauline O\'Carroll











IMG_3089-by-The-Image-Studi IHF Executive Committee - Eoin Wright


 IHF Vice President - Gerry Hynes


 IMG_3096-by-The-Image-Studi IHF Executive Committee - Damian Nolan


IMG_3152-by-The-Image-Studi IMG_3113-by-The-Image-Studi




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