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History of the Irish Hairdressing Championships

Irish Hairdressers Federation

National Hairdressing Championships 2016

The Irish Hairdressing Championships coined the Oscars of Irish Hairdressing have been run by the Irish Hairdressing Federation since its inception in 1974, showcases the best of the industries talent with technique based awards ranging from Cut and Colour Awards to Long Hair Up-styling and the more elaborate Creative Fantasy Award.

Participating in competitions is an extremely important part of the development of any career.  Stepping out of your comfort zone and facing a challenge is a fantastic motivational tool for all staff.  Now more than ever salons need to look at doing something different in their business. 

Competitions for hairdressers are the equivalent of the Oscars for Hollywood, it is where you can show-off your talent, skill and creativity and be recognised and awarded by an industry that has come to showcase some of the countries most talented names.

A hairstylist is required to have skill, technique and creativity amongst all the other elements that are part of the recipe for a successful hairdresser. However, it is in a competition that a stylist has the opportunity to push the boundaries, break the rules and get creative on a whole new level.

To stay motivated and focused in a salon may be difficult sometimes so by entering competitions you have a perfect way of challenging yourself with new ideas and finding new sources of inspiration.

When you enter any competition you are already a winner. Entering competitions provides you with a massive learning opportunity.  Watching what other hairdressers are doing and learning from them.

With an estimated 1,800 hair salons in Ireland employing close to 10,000 people, the Hairdressing Championships are the definitive awards for the Irish hairdressing business and have demonstrated the creative talent and artistic work of Irish hair styling professionals for almost 40 years.  The Championships consist of 11categories, ranging from basic skills in ‘Cut and Colour’ to the elaborate ‘Creative Fantasy’ and ‘Full Fashion’, and are an awe inspiring spectacle for visitors.

In 2016 the Championships will be held in the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, Dublin (the old Burlington Hotel) on Sunday 13th March 2016.  For further information please contact the IHF Office on 056-8833808.

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