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Mens Freestyle

Mens Freestyle
€ 45.00
  • Competitors must present a short style which pays attention to line-outs and tapers on a Male model.
  • All products allowed to achieve the finished look.
  • Length: The hair length at the top must be a minimum of 6 cm, except the fringe area. The perimeter (sides and back) must be a minimum of 4 cm except the side-burns, before the competition starts.
  • Cut: The competitors have the choice to taper the nape area. At finish the hair length at the perimeter (sides and back) must not be longer than 3 cm.
  • All cutting tools are allowed.
  • All styling tools are allowed.
  • All fixing products are allowed (gels, waxes, sprays).
  • Any type of colour can be used other than spray on colours or colour chalks.
  • To be eligible to go forward for IHF Irish Barber of the Year/Men’s Hairdresser of the Year you must enter the Mens Full Fashion and Mens Freestyle.
  • Time allowed: 25 minutes.
  • Competition starts: 1.20pm
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IHC 2017 Entry Form & Rules

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