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Senior Ladies Long Hair Up

Senior Ladies Long Hair Up
€ 45.00
  • Competitors must produce a fashionable hairstyle on long hair. At least 95% of the hair should be dressed up.
  • No hair extensions or hairpieces allowed. No ornamentation. Padding/ Bun Rolls are allowed.
  • Padding may be used in the interior not exterior and can be made from any material or human hair. 
  • Hair must be presented straight and loose prior to competition and no pre-prepared sectioning.
  • Hair may be pre set but must be brushed straight before going onto competition floor.  Scrutineers can brush out if too curly.
  • Model’s hair will be scrutinised prior to competition.
  • Time allowed: 25 minutes.
  • Competition starts: 2.15pm
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IHC 2017 Entry Form & Rules

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