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Trainee Ladies Full Fashion & Cut

Trainee Ladies Full Fashion & Cut
€ 45.00
  • Trainee must create a fashion style on the competition floor.  All tools allowed.
  • At least 2cm must be cut off the hair on the competition floor.
  • Points will be deducted for pre-prepared hair, pre cut base lines,
    not cutting enough off, or salon coaching from the side lines.
  • Should points be deducted for non compliance - this will result in non placement in the top 5.
  • The first 15 minutes must be dedicated to cutting the hair.  No driers can be used during this time.
    Cutting will also be allowed after blow drying to complete the finished look.
  • Models will be scrutinised prior to the competition commencing and throughout the competition.
    No hair extensions allowed.
  • Time allowed: 45 minutes
  • Competition starts: 11am
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