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IHF Icon Awards and IHF Star Team Grand Final


IHF Icon Awards and IHF Star Team Grand Final

Sunday 12th November 2017 at the Ballsbridge Hotel, Pembroke Road, Dublin 4.

Passion, vision, training, education and knowledge, are among some of the characteristics of Icons and Legends.

This year' 'IHF Icon Award winners display all of the above.  They have all contributed to raising the standards in hairdressing at national and international level.  They are all leaders within our growing industry.

Congratulations to:

  • Anthony Kilcoyne, Salon2, Sligo, IHF Hall of Leaders.
  • Andrew Dunne, Mane Hair, Dublin, IHF Hall of Leaders.
  • Peter Mark, Ireland, IHF Business Award.
  • Eoin Wright, Foundation Hair, Dublin IHF Media Award.
  • Olive Tucker Lee, House of Colour, Dublin  IHF Recognition Award.
  • Danielle Kennedy, Lloyds Hair, Waterford IHF Salon Ambassador Award.
  • Salvatore Fodera, OMC, Paris IHF International Award
  • Damien Nolan President of the IHF was awarded the "International Achievement Award" for services to Hairdressing from world hairdressing organisation (OMC).


Another highlight of the night was the IHF Star Team where 22 finalists from all over the country eagerly awaited the announcement of the top four Apprentices in Ireland.  Winning a place on this prestigious team provides the four lucky apprentices with the opportunity for training by the greatest names in hairdressing in all aspects of the Industry over the next 12 months worth 20,000 euro.  Their Mentor Marcus Cowzer from House of Colour and his team is quoted as saying the team this year showed amazing skills and he looks forward to working with them.


The winners are:

  • Hannah Grogan, Foundation Hair, Dublin.
  • Aisling Kenny, Reba Hair & Beauty, Dublin.
  • Paula Flanagan, Bankz Hair & Beauty, Portlaois.
  • Susan Blake, Cut_Social, Dublin





















Inducted into the IHF Hall of Leaders


Anthony Kilcoyne, Salon 2, Sligo

Andrew Dunne, Mane Hair, Dublin


IHF Recognition Award

Olive Tucker Lee, House of Colour Dublin


IHF Salon Ambassador Award

Danielle Kennedy, Lloyds Hair, Waterford


IHF Business Award

Peter Mark


IHF Media Award

Eoin Wright, Foundation, Dublin


IHF International Icon Award

Salvatore Fodera, OMC


Also on the night the IHF will announce the winners of the IHF Star Team competition....

The future stars of Irish Hairdressing.


Join this years recipients on the 12th November 2017 at the IHF ICON AWARDS NIGHT in the Ballsbridge Hotel,

Pembroke Road, Dublin 4.

Join us in showing our appreciation to all those who have excelled in our industry and get to meet the ICONS of Irish Hairdressing.

There will be a drinks reception at 7pm followed by a meal and the IHF Icon Awards Ceremony 

Tickets to this event are €100.  

For further details call:    056-8833808 - IHF office.


This event will take place in the Ballsbridge Hotel...http://www.ballsbridgehotel.com/.

Accommodation - Call: 01-6379300...press 1 (option 1, Ref IHF event).


Meet The IHF Star Team Finalists






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