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IHF Training Hub 2013


Date set for IHF Training Hub 2013

SUNDAY 20th OCTOBER 2013 at City West Hotel.

Featuring well known names from the Hairdressing industry both national and international.   Inspitrational and educational..... watch out for the IHF Training Hub 2013. 

CHANGE - our clients needs are always changing - develop the skills to enable you to embrace change.  In order to meet the changing needs of your clients as salon owners, managers and stylists you need to change how you do business.  Listen to the experts our international and national speakers as they talk to you and your team about running a business today and being at the cutting edge of fashion through competition work.

For more detail contact: 056-8833808/0866995003 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Master Craftsman in Hairdressing


Congratulations to those who gradauted at the Crumlin College Graduation ceremony on Tuesday 18th September 2012.  Pictured below is Greg Clarke, President IHF together with 1st year graduates, 2nd year graduates and Master Craftsman Hairdressing Diploma graduates.


 greg-clarke-with-crumlin-co          greg-clarke-with-masters201




Crumlin College of Further Education

Master Craftsman Hairdressering Diploma

lThe IHF in  conjunction with Crumlin College operate the IHF Master Craftsman in Hairdressing Dioloma course.  For further details contact Gary Kavanagh at Crumlin College: 01-4540662.


The Master Craftsman Diploma in Hairdressing is a two year hairdressing course consisting of four separate modules which is facilitated by Crumlin College of Further Education for the Irish Hairdressing Federation (IHF).

The award achieved by successful candidates is the Master Hairdresser Diploma which is awarded by the Irish Hairdressers Federation who are the examining body.


The minimum entry requirement for this course is that each candidate has a minmumu of six years experience in hairdressing, is presnetly working in a salon and has a broad knoweldge of all aspects of the hairdressing industry.


  • Advanced Hairdressing Science
  • Supervisory Management
  • Business Management
  • Practical Hairdressing


The modules may not run in the above order, depending on point of entry of candidate into the two year cycle.

As each of the modules only consists of 12 nights (one night a week over twelve weeks) students are advised to set aside time duringthe course on a weekly basis for revision and study.  This is especially important during the Practical module as students are only guided on techniques that might improve their existing skills and are not taught basic skills (often if a student feels that they lack the basic knowledge in a particular skill they may need extra training/course to bring this skill up to an acceptable standard.



The Diplom will only be awarded to candidates who have successfully completed all four module examinations.  Candidates must be either personally registered members or employed by salons who are registered members of the Irish Hairdressers Federation at the time of conferring.


Pleae note that these are the current conditions on enrolment for this session and may be subject to change in future years.

Crumlin College

IHF Master Hairdressing Craftsman Diploma

Congratulations to the 2013 graduates from the IHF Master Hairdressing Craftsman Diploma Course, pictured here with IHF President Mr Gerrard Hynes.


For further details on this course please contact the IHF of 056-8833808.




Avail of a £200 voucher on courses booked at Vidal Sassoon from now to May 2016.


For further details please contact: 

Leona Curran | General Manager UK Academies

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | + 44 (0) 20 7399 6943

 56 Brook Street, London, W1K 5NE, England

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Contact the IHF Office- 0866995003/056-8833808 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Pictured below at the House of Colour, Apprentice of the Year competition 2014 in the Wella Academy are Stef Formosa (Malta), Gerry Hynes (President IHF), Mark Paris (Malta) and Maria  Gauci (Malta).    Gerry welcomed the Tutors to Ireland (participating in the Leonardo Project) and hopes they have a chance to see some of the sites before heading back to Malta.  Gerry recently travelled to Malta where he taught an introductory course in Trichology and Trichoscopy to the above  Tutors.   We offer our congratulations to Stef Formosa who has recently been accepted to study Trichology at the Institute of Trichology which is a great achievement. 



2012: The Irish Hairdressers Federation is in discussion with the relevant government department regarding a National Apprenticeship Registration programme which would run in conjunction with a structured training programme.

Coiffure EU: The IHF Coiffure EU representative is Mr Gerry Hynes (President IHF 2013).

Coiffure EU is the European associaiton of employers organisations in hairdressing. The purpose of Coiffure EU is to promote the interestes of member organisations in the filed of employers in its capacity as a confederation of national employers' organisations.  One of the organisations projects is the - Implementation of the European Hairdressing Certificate EQF.  While pursuing a national apprenticeship training sturcutre in Ireland the IHF will also look at what is happening in Europe in relation to training.  The IHF is not a member of the Coiffure EU.


Social Networking Training

Members of the IHF Executive committee attend a Social Networking

training day on Monday 10th January 2011 at the Radisson Blu, Hotel, Dublin.




Re: Social Networking Day – Monday 10th January 2011 –Dublin

"We found this course extremely informative and enjoyable. It has given us great direction in the setting up of our face book page.  Unfortunately we had set up our previous page incorrectly (the difference between a profile and a page) and would never have realised this if we had not attended the course.  We are now back on track and gaining fans daily. Lots of Hints & Tips received on the day too".  Michelle Burke at Bankz Hair & Beauty, Portlaois, Co Laois.


Re: Social Networking Day – Monday 10th January 2011 –Dublin

“I would really recommend the Social Networking course for any business that would like to utilise the various networks. It really demonstrates how to use these sites to your best possible advantage when promoting your business”. Debbie Murphy, Prestij Salon Supplies.






Members of the Irish Hairdressers Federation Executive Committee are working on this very exciting project  the Irish Hairdressing Training Certificate programme.  The aim of this programme is to provide IHF member salons the opportunity to train their apprentices to a standard recognised by the Irish Hairdressers Federation and the International Organisation for hairdressing the OMC.

The IHF want the young people in our industry to achieve their ambition and become not just a good hairdresser but the top hair designer.

This programme is being set by the Irish Hairdressers Federation, an employer led organisation who know what skills are needed to do each job in hairdressing.

Within the programme there will be 12 modules.  Each module will be assessed and credited by the IHF and the OMC.  A certificate of achievement will be issued when all the required units have been successfully completed by a candidate.

 This project will be rolled on a pilot scheme in the winter of 2010.  The committee involved with this project aim to roll out this project in late Autumn 2011.



Training-Workshop-May-2010      IHF-training-workshop-May-2


Training Information

Salon Training

Many hair salons around the country offer excellent raining to young people embarking on a career in Hairdressing. Training usually begins with client care, followed by shampooing conditioning and head massage skills. Hairdressing skills are taught by senior members of staff as part of the working experience, with responsibilities increasing as skills develop. In-salon taining can also include some specialist classes given by technical educators from manufacturing companies such as Alfaparf, Wella, Revlon, Schwarzkiopf and L'Oreal. These representatives work along side the staff in their salon assessing their needs and demonstrating the necessary techniques required to provide different technical services.

Each trainee is generally treated as an individual, with a tailored training programme of three years depending on the trainees\' interest and ability to progress.

Check out the salon carefully. Some salons offer very little training/real experience to trainees. Look for a salon that portrays a good public image and is a current member of the Irish Hairdresers Federation. Check out what training is given, including external courses. Top salons are usually involved in continuous staff training, competitions and hair and fashion shows. They usually encourage training, rather than discourage it.

For further information please contact the Irish Hairdressers Federation office on 056-8833808 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Read more: Training

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