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National Hairdressing Apprenticeship

National Hairdressing Apprenticeship  - November 2017

Earlier this year the Government through the Apprenticeship Council invited proposals for national apprenticeships.  The IHF submitted our proposal for a National Hairdressing Apprenticeship. The closing date for proposals was the 1st September. We have been informed that the Assessment process for proposed Apprenticeships is still on going and formal recommendations of the Apprenticeship Council will not be announced until mid/end November. We will keep everyone informed of any further updates as we get them.





PRESS RELEASE September 2017


National Hairdressing Apprenticeship.


Currently in Ireland there are only 27 Apprenticeships, in 2016 a total of approx 3,700 apprentices were registered. The IHF has long been involved in proposals, negotiations and discussions with all the relevant parties in an attempt to have a recognised National Apprenticeship for Hairdressing.

There is now a whole new process and this called for an industry led consortium to develop a proposal under the new guidelines where the consortium must consist of Employer representatives, Employee representatives, Education representatives, buy-in from  named employers and documented statements of support.

5pm on Friday 1st September was the closing date for submissions and we are very happy to say that there were three other proposals with the IHF proposal submitted in relation to hairdressing.

The IHF would like to thank all of those present and past who have worked to have a recognised apprenticeship for hairdressing, we believe there dreams will now be realised and this can only raise the standards, profile and professionalism in our Industry.

You will see from the ten step plan (below) the key areas must be industry led and the IHF are very proud to say that as the leading Industry representation we look forward to the approval of the development of an Apprenticeship.

In the coming months the Apprenticeship Council (which is appointed by the Minister of Education and Skills and consists of representatives from Enterprise, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, Further and Higher Education and training bodies and the department of Education and Skills) will assess the proposals and together make a determination on approval of  the development of our Apprenticeship. We would like to acknowledge the other proposers and believe this amount of interest can only ensure we get what we have long fought for a “National Hairdressing Apprenticeship”.

The IHF proposal fulfils all of the criteria of the consortium required and we in conjunction with any future partners believe there will be a National Hairdressing Apprenticeship.



There are ten main steps involved in developing a National Hairdressing Apprenticeship and these are:

  1. Proposal-research skills & need (Industry-led consortium)
  2. Assessment & approval for development (apprenticeship council, minister for education & skills)
  3. Project plan approved & development funding allocated (SOLAS, FEA, Apprenticeship Council)
  4. Programme Development (Industry led consortium)
  5. Occupational Profile Approved (Apprenticeship Council)
  6. QA Approved &programme validated (validation body/QQI)
  7. Creation of industrial training order (Solas)
  8. Implementation plan &budget agreed (SOLAS and FEA)
  9. Approval of employers registration of apprentices (SOLAS)
  10. Apprenticeship underway (Industry led consortium)


It is expected by the end of the year the Apprenticeship Council will announce what apprenticeship proposals they approve for further development.

The IHF will post further information on subjects relating to the apprenticeship programme in the coming months.




IHF Hairdressing Hub 2018

IHF Hairdressing Hub 2018


MONDAY 9th APRIL at the Academy Plaza, Findlater Street, Dublin.

 Event:   10am – 4:30pm

Fee:       25 (IHF member)/€30 Non Member.


Meet current and past members of the IHF Star Team.... see how winning a place on the team has changed their careers...in a positive and progressive manner.  For only 20 euro you could be in with a chance of winning a place on this years IHF Star Team....Entry forms will be available in March.

PHOTO SHOOTS - do you get the most from your photo shots, do you need some hints and tips on how to prepare and get value for money.  Award winning Hair Stylist Ciaran from Occasions Hairdressing and award winning Barber John Keegan from The Academy Barber will help you plan your photoshoot.


IHF Icon Olive Tucker Lee will take you on a journey....from a young enthusiastic apprentice to an award winning stylist and successful business owner.....


MONDAY 9th APRIL 2018....The Academy Plaza Hotel, Findlater Street, Dublin.







10:00am – 12:00 noon

Past Star Team Heroes

A collection of the best of past IHF Star Teams – show how much they have grown. What they have achieved and how getting on the IHF Star Team has helped them.

Zara, Sinead, Ailish and Erica.

Will present Live Pre-Prepared models

12:10 pm – 12.50pm



Tea/sandwiches provided for presenters and models.

12:50pm – 2:20pm

Shoot for the Stars

The A-Z of putting together an amazing photo collection. 

Learn all you need to know about putting an award winning collection of images from planning mood boards, model selection, budgets, photographer etc.  

Multi Award Winning Stylists – John Keegan, The Academy Barber and Ciaran Dowd from Occasions Hairdressing.

Ciaran and John through their own passion and education have achieved amazing success with their images.  Look, Listen and Learn Seminar (no live models).

2:30pm – 4:00p

From Dream to Reality

House of Colour Director Olive Tucker-Lee takes us on her journey from a young passionate trainee to an International successful stylist and salon owner.  While showing and sharing her vision of trends for 2018.

Pre prepared models.

Olive Tucker Lee, House of Colour

4:00 – 4:20pm

Questions & Answer session


4:20pm – 4:30pm

Wrap Up

Greg and Ian

IHF Business Hub 2017

IHF Business Hub 2017


Thanks the presenters for making this an amazing day. 


  • Susan Wylie from PKF Accountants, Dublin.
  • Paul Davey, Hairdressing Live
  • Duncan and Irene Kenna, Occasions Hairdressing
  • Adam Snare, Salon Freedom Coach


Thanks to those that attend this event and for their hugely positive feedback.

IHF Business Hub 2017


Date:    Monday 9th October 2017 9:30am - 4:30pm


Venue:  The Academy Plaza Hotel, Findlater Street, off O'Connell Street, Dublin


Cost:    50 per person - EARLY BIRD PRICE up to 22nd September           

             €60 per person after 22nd September

Can you believe it is that time of year again!
Running your business takes up lot of time and sometimes you can get caught up in the business of trying to run a business. This year we are taking you to The Academy Plaza Hotel, Dublin to deliver a fantastic 1 day seminar with amazing guest speakers.



10am - 11:15am -  PKF Accountants

Is your business providing you with the lifestyle you deserve?

Advice on accounting, tax, wages, revenue etc.


11:30am - 12:45pm - Hairdressing Live


Paul Davey will talk about his revolutionary Hairdressing Live concept.

Hairdressing Live - front row hairdressing at the touch of a button.

12:45pm - 1:30pm LUNCH


1:30pm - 2:45pm - In the Chair


Duncan and Irene Kenna from Occasions Hairdressing share their story.  This duo have been in business for over 25 years...lots of valuable hints and tips to be learned from their journey. 


3:00pm - 4:15pm - Salon Freedom Coach



 Adam Snare...Are you working for your business or is your business working for you?  Stop and Listen....see what you will learn.


 Call IHF 056-8833808 or 0866995003

re tickets for this event.








IHF Master Craftsman in Hairdressing

IHF Master Craft Diploma Graduation 

Congratulations to those who gradauted at the Crumlin College Graduation ceremony on Tuesday 18th September 2012.  Pictured below is Greg Clarke, President IHF together with 1st year graduates, 2nd year graduates and Master Craftsman Hairdressing Diploma graduates.


 greg-clarke-with-crumlin-co          greg-clarke-with-masters201




Crumlin College of Further Education

Master Craftsman Hairdressering Diploma

lThe IHF in  conjunction with Crumlin College operate the IHF Master Craftsman in Hairdressing Dioloma course.  For further details contact Gary Kavanagh at Crumlin College: 01-4540662.


The Master Craftsman Diploma in Hairdressing is a two year hairdressing course consisting of four separate modules which is facilitated by Crumlin College of Further Education for the Irish Hairdressing Federation (IHF).

The award achieved by successful candidates is the Master Hairdresser Diploma which is awarded by the Irish Hairdressers Federation who are the examining body.


The minimum entry requirement for this course is that each candidate has a minmumu of six years experience in hairdressing, is presnetly working in a salon and has a broad knoweldge of all aspects of the hairdressing industry.


  • Advanced Hairdressing Science
  • Supervisory Management
  • Business Management
  • Practical Hairdressing


The modules may not run in the above order, depending on point of entry of candidate into the two year cycle.

As each of the modules only consists of a limited number of nights (one night a week over twelve weeks) students are advised to set aside time duringthe course on a weekly basis for revision and study.  This is especially important during the Practical module as students are only guided on techniques that might improve their existing skills and are not taught basic skills (often if a student feels that they lack the basic knowledge in a particular skill they may need extra training/course to bring this skill up to an acceptable standard.



The Diploma will only be awarded to candidates who have successfully completed all four module examinations.  Candidates must be either personally registered members or employed by salons who are registered members of the Irish Hairdressers Federation at the time of conferring.

 Pleae note that these are the current conditions on enrolment for this session and may be subject to change in future years.

IHF Mater Craftsman in Hairdressing

IHF Master Hairdressing Craftsman Diploma

Congratulations to the 2013 graduates from the IHF Master Hairdressing Craftsman Diploma Course, pictured here with IHF President Mr Gerrard Hynes.


For further details on this course please contact the IHF of 056-8833808.

IHC 2018 Entry Form & Rules

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