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National Hairdressing Apprenticeship



The National Hairdressing Apprenticeship is going to be the biggest ever change in the Irish Hairdressing Industry and a complete game changer for salon owners. 
The IHF, as the largest organisation that represents salon owners in Ireland, needs you to take action by getting informed and telling us your opinion.
The National Hairdressing Apprenticeship will have an immense cost effect on salons, that the industry cannot absorb and will lead to huge price increases across the board.
Its imperative that we all act now and make the right decisions for our members and the future of the industry in Ireland by attending the emergency meetings we are holding to make sure we get the best apprenticeship possible for the industry with the lowest possible financial impact on salons.

The Apprenticeship is due to start in 2019 and we need to act now and voice your concerns/opinions. The IHF strongly feels that the Apprenticeship has the possibility to be the most amazing positive shift to ever happen the industry but if this apprenticeship is not right it will also have huge financial impacts to business that affect their ability to continue to trade at the same levels

IHF Apprenticeship Meetings take place: 

Monday 1st October, 6.30pm @ The Central Hotel, Exchequer Street, Dublin, D02 E044

Tuesday 2nd October, 6.30pm @ The Galmont Hotel, Lough Atalia Road, Galway, H91 CYN3

Wednesday 10th October, 6.30pm @ The Maldron Hotel, Southern Ring Road, Roxboro, Limerick, V94 EDP4

Please confirm your attendance by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



IHF Championships Postponed

PostponedIt’s with a heavy heart we have to announce that this Sunday’s IHF Championships has been postponed.

Unfortunately due to the weather conditions last week, Croke Park had to reschedule the Kerry v Dublin football for this weekend and we’ve just learned this evening that they’ve cancelled our booking for the Championships We had all hands on deck this evening to try and find another suitable venue on short notice but as the Championships is a very large event, we couldn’t source one.

We understand that all competitors, like ourselves have put months of hard work, time and money into preparing for Sunday’s event and we didn’t take the decision to postpone it lightly. We’ll be phoning all competitors tomorrow but we had to get the word out as soon as possible to everyone.

We will have a new date for you all by Wednesday and any competitors or spectators unable to attend will of course get a full refund Once again we sincerely apologize for postponing the event as we know how much time goes into preparing for it, but unfortunately we were left with no other choice The office will be open tomorrow so if you’ve any questions, contact us by phone, email or Facebook pm and please tag anyone you know that was attending






The Irish Hairdressers Federation welcome retention of 9% VAT RATE


Tuesday 10th October 2017

Tuesday 10th October 2017

The President of the IHF, Mr Damien Nolan welcomes the retention of the 9% Vat Rate in the 2018 budget. He would like to thank those in the industry that supported the IHF KEEP VAT @9% campaign in the lead up to the budget. The reduced rate has been a major factor in working towards a somewhat more stable future within the industry.

While there is growth in the economy and a small increase in consumer confidence and spending any measure that helps to keep down the cost of running small indigenous businesses around the country is to be encouraged.

The reduction in the vat rate to 9% has been a key factor in helping to restore competitiveness and a return to growth in the economy. Hairdressing is a highly skilled, labour- intensive industry with the ability to employ people quickly and provide them with skills and a career for life. Salon owners want to continue to see jobs being created in the industry across the country.



Highlanes Gallery - Bristle Hair and Hegemony

BRISTLE: Hair and Hegemoy


Bristle: hair and hegemony draws on the rich scientific, literary, political and aesthetic contexts in which hair plays a central role.  It brings together a range of artworks and objects from the 17th century to the contemporary moment, and from diverse ethnic and cultural contexts. It features work by historic and contemporary artists including Albrecht Dürer, William Hogarth, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Matthew and Mary Darly, Hashiguchi Goyo, James Barry, Abigail O’Brien, Joanne Proctor, Stephen Lau, David Hockney, Bharti Parmar, Alice Maher and Helen Chadwick.

In addition to commissioning new work and borrowing a range of contemporary art from emerging and established artists, the exhibition presents art from major public collections, the National Gallery of Ireland, Chester Beatty Library, IMMA, Dublin City Gallery, the British Council, the Arts Council of Ireland and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland as well as Drogheda Municipal Art Collection and private collections.

 Click on the link below for further details:




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