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IHF Unregulated activity

Reporting unregulated business activities.

We have been asked on several occasions what actions should be taken if you come across black-market hairdressing and beauty services being carried out near your business.  The IHF at all times works on behalf of its members and the Hairdressing Industry and encourages members and the general public to avail of our "good citizen" form on the IHF website.  The hair and beauty black market costs thousands of jobs, apprenticeships and employment every year and reporting black market hairdressing is very simple in an anonymous forum... http://www.irishhairfed.com/index.php/news/160-ihf-unregulated-activity.

Our members have highlighted very strongly how the issue of black market/unregulated business activities in the industry are affecting their business in a very real way.

In response to this feedback from our members the IHF has had meetings recently with representatives from the Special Investigation Unit (Department of Social Protection) and the Revenue (Compliance Division).  The IHF is building a direct line of communication with Revenue as it works on behalf of its members to address the issue of non compliance within the industry.



This campaign is currently running with IHF members - members are being asked to report unregulated business activities in their area.  To date a significant number of cases have been reported to Revenue. 

If you can identify non compliance in your area please:


  • fill in and submit the on-line form below.

Be assured that this information will be forwarded to Revenue in a confidential manner and anonymously.  [Revenue has also advised that they treat such reports in the strictest of confidence and, in order to ensure confidentiality, no feedback on such reports can be provided, but be assured that all reports are acted upon.]

Until real action is taken to address the issue business owners will see no change.   The IHF will monitor feedback to this reporting facility on our site and update viewers on the numbers of cases reported on a weekly basis.

  • The IHF encourages “competition” within our industry.
  • It also encourages “compliance” within our industry.
  • The IHF believes all businesses should be operating from a level playing field.

Please complete the form in the Appendix, giving details of any person(s) you know or believe to be operating an unregulated business activity in your area.

Contact details:

IHF postal address: Irish Hairdressers Federation, The Kiln, Seskin South, Ballyragget, Kilkenny.

Below are examples of some headings for use when reporting on unregulated business activity to Revenue. They are aware that the details at each heading below are not always available. However, as much information as possible should be provided in order for Revenue to identify non-compliant activity.

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