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Skin Test/Patch Test

The Irish Hairdressers Federation reminds all hairdressers of their obligation to follow the manufacturers instructions when carrying out a skin test/patch test.  "Please refer to your manufacturers instructions or representative if you have any queries.”

HSE Environmental Health - Retail Sales of Cosmetic Products


Environmnetal Health

Retail Sales of Cosmetic Products

The Role of the Retailer

Under the European Cmmunities (Cosmetic Products) Regulations 2004 as amended, a cosmetic product shall not be sold by retail or otherwise supplied to a consumer unless it complies with the provisions of these Regulations.

The leaflet issued by the HSE deals with:

  • What is a cosmetic product?
  • The Role of the Environmental Health Officer.
  • General Requirements
  • Labelling Requirements
  • Offences and Penalties
  • Rapex Alterts

 This leaflet was issued by the HSE Environmental Health Service in February 2010.

 For further details please contact the HSE on www.hse.ie or contact the IHF office 056-8833808.


JLC Wage Structure



Above is link to update from NERA re implications of High Court decision delivered on 7th July 2011 in relation to ERO's.


The JLC's in hairdressing were announced unconstitutional on 7th July 2011 after a High Court ruling.  The JLC's structures are currently under review by the government.  An announcement is expected in 2013.

The above remains as is in 2018.  For additional information contact 056-8833808.

National Employment Rights Authority


RECORDS THAT MUST BE KEPT ON EACH EMPLOYEE (as per NERA) 2008 TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT The terms of Employment (Information) Act 1994 provides that an employer must issue their employees with a written statement of terms and conditions relating to their employment within two months of commencing employment. It must include the following: The full names of the employer and the employee. The address of the employer, The place of work, or where theire is no main place of work, a statement including that an employee is required or permitted to work at various places.  Job title or nature of the work.  Date of commencement of employmnet.  If the contrac tis temporary, the expected duration of employmentIf the contract is for a fixed-term, the date on which the contract expires.  The rate of pay or method of calculating pay.  Whether pay is weekly, monthly or otherwise Terms or conditions relating to hours of work, inlcuding overtime.  Terms or conditions relating to paid leave (other than paid sick leave).  Terms or conditions relating to incapacity for work due to sickenss or injury Therms or conditions relating to pensions and pension schemes Periods of notice or method of determining periods of notice A reference to any collective agreements which affects the terms of employment.  For further information on RECORDS TO BE MADE AVAILABLE FOR INSPECTION contact the IHF office on 056-8833808

Read more: National Employment Rights Authority

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