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The Irish Hairdressers Federation was formed as a voluntary group in 1974. Since its establishment, the Federation has worked tirelessly to raise the status of hairdressing as a profession in Ireland, to provide advisory services to its members, to provide creative and competitive platforms through which their members' skills can be developed, to promote professional standards of service within the industry, to promote a standardised system of hairdressing training in Ireland, and to offer opportunities for members to get together with like-minded professionals to discuss issues that affect their everyday working lives. The Federation provides an Advice Line whereby members can get help or advice relating to trade or employment issues. The Federation issues a regular Newsletter updating members on key issues and developments in the industry. The Federation also publishes guidelines for its members on such issues as Salon Rules, Contracts of Employment, Health & Safety, Disciplinary Procedures, Payment of Wages and a Code of Ethics. The IHF is the only official voice for Irish Hairdressers.

The IHF are current members of the:




Full membership is available to salon owners and can be claimed as a business expenses.

Enquiries about memberships can be discussed with the IHF Secretary on 087-1180351 or call our landline on 01 9109070. You may also contact us via email info@irishhairfed.com with any queries.

Committee Members:

  • Danielle Kennedy, President
  • Lisa Eccles, Vice President
  • Saundra Fabian, Treasurer
  • David Campbell
  • Eoin Wright
  • Irene Devereux
  • Cathal Keaveney
  • Gerard Hynes
  • Damien Nolan
  • Mark O'Keeffe
  • Anita Donoghue
  • Margaret Mulvihill

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Welcoming Danielle Kennedy & Lisa Eccles to their new Presidential Roles.

Monday the 14th of September was our Annual General meeting . The role of President was officially voted on and accepted by Danielle Kennedy.

Described by her predecessor David Campbell in his address as " a powerhouse, a hard working entrepreneur & a kind, caring, smart individual, with the ability to appreciate and understand others points of view"

Danielle is eager to lead the federation to success over the coming 3 years and even though as an industry we face many challenges, she has already proved what an asset she is in her role as Vice President. The Executive Committee would like congratulate and wish her continued success.

A word from Danielle Kennedy:

"Over the past seven months our industry has faced enormous challenges and the impact of Covid-19 has been severe, myself Lisa, David and our entire executive put our shoulder to the wheel and proactively and positively faced down these challenges and have and will continue to, overcome the many obstacles we are facing.

It was certainly a baptism of fire for myself and Lisa and I'd like to say a huge thank you to our former president David Campbell for his constant guidance, mentoring and friendship over the last 3 years and in particular the last few months.

Although there is a tough and bumpy road ahead for our industry, I'm so lucky to be able to face those challenges with our new Vice President Lisa Eccles"

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Irish Hairdressers Federation (IHF) web site.

As the representative organisation for the hairdressing profession in Ireland, the IHF, for an organisation of its relative size, provides a very extensive service to its members. These services include representation, advisory, networking and support, training/educational, competitions, social events and discount schemes. These services are not limited to Ireland, but take account of worldwide events and development within the profession. The IHF aims to raise the professionalism and commitment to the hair industry.

The fees paid to the IHF by its members are used to fund normal office costs, auditing of accounts, advertising and website costs and expenses associated with National Executive meetings. The Federation employs one part-time secretary. Salary or fees are not paid to any member of the Executive Committee all of whom give their time on a voluntary basis. The members' fees are not used to finance any social or competition events organised by the Federation. In other words the fees are purely used in the service of the membership as a whole. The finances of the IHF are independently audited each year, and these accounts are open to inspection by any current member at each years AGM.

Membership runs from date of purchase for 12 months.



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