Meet the LanaiPRO Hairdryer

"Barry and I have been in the hair business a long time now. Always learning, always listening to what professional hair stylists want out of their hair tools and products.

The LanaiPRO hairdryer (Professional only tool for stylists hands only) was born in 2019. Our original LanaiBLO (consumer unit) has become a firm favourite for both stylists and salons since we launched the brand in 2016. We realised that the professional stylist needed more from a dryer. They needed it to perform longer hours, to be lighter, to be an extension of themselves as it is who they become when they are styling their clients hair.

The LanaiPRO hairdryer will speed up your blowdrying time, will give you a smooth sleek finish, has a digital motor and have a 3.8 meter cord. We challange you to find a dryer lighter and faster then the LanaiPRO hairdryer. And lastly, not to forget our unique personalisation service. You can brand the LanaiPRO hairdryer with your own name or salon name.

The LanaiPRO hairdryer really is a game changer for the professional."

LanaiPRO Hairdryer Features

The LanaiPRO hairdryer was designed to meet the needs of the professional stylist. It has 9 key features that will make your job on the salon floor easier.


The LanaiPRO Hairdryer has a long Life Digital Motor, it's electronic control allows for improved stability and dynamism.


The LanaiPRO hairdryer has a 2400 Watt power providing a fast drying experience.


The LanaiPRO hairdryer is 402 Grams (Without Cord). You will struggle to find a unit as powerful and light as the LanaiPRO.


The LanaiPRO hairdryer has a 3.8 Metre Cord giving you maximum flexibility in the salon environment helping you move effortlessly around your column regardless of where that awkward socket may be.


More options mean a greater degree of control, with 6 LanaiPRO settings you will have everything required for an exquisite finish.


LanaiPRO's ceramic grill helps you to achieve a smooth and shiny finish


Set your style while also setting the style. Our Cold Shot feature helps you lock in the look by quickly cooling the temperature of the hair and setting it in place.


The LanaiPRO hairdryer comes with 2 styling nozzles for precision hairstyling and a straightening effect.


Regular maintenance of your hair tools is imperative in the salon environment, the LanaiPRO's filter allows for easy cleaning.

The LanaiPRO is available to buy in 3 shades; White, Black and the newly launched Industry Grey.

You can also avail of the unique option to personalise.


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