Employee Relationship Management

Our HR experts support every aspect of your business’s interpersonal relationships in the working environment, from the very text of a job advertisement to the interview process, through appraisals, performance reviews, disciplinary action, redundancy, retirement and dismissals and everything in between. Employee Relationship Management (ERM) is concerned with every aspect of the employee – employer relationship, ranging from the actual wording of a job advertisement to terms and conditions of employment, to retirement and everything in between.
Our consultants work closely with our clients to ensure that the most effective and harmonized relationships are being fostered. We ensure that all of the clients’ documentation from employment contracts to staff handbooks are in compliance with the law, but we also endeavour to produce documentation which accurately reflects the clients’ company ethos and culture. Once policies and procedures have been created and depending on the service level required we can assist the client in introducing and implementing these systems or release them into the hands of the manager responsible for this department within the client company.
* Management of every aspect of the employer – employee relationship. * Creation of formalised policies and procedures. * Creation of employee contracts and terms of employment. * Creation of employee handbooks – guides to a better partnership with the company.
* Creation of a positive working environment. * Prevention of grievances and disputes. * Defined policies and procedures create a sense of security and purpose for employees. * Duty of care to employees and legal compliance.
* Audit of existing policies. * Consultation with management regarding their objectives. * All policies in draft format for approval by client before final production and implementation. * Outsourcing / Consultant placement within the client company for a set number of days per week / month / quarter / year.

Health & Safety

Following the introduction of the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 employers are now more aware than ever of the importance of having formalised policies and procedures in place, governing safety in the workplace. Our consultants carry out detailed safety audits and risk assessments, provide the client with a report of the findings of their inspection, supported with photographic evidence and subsequently produce a Safety Statement and supporting Safety Management Systems for the client. Safety handbooks are also provided for all members of staff and, depending on the level of service required our consultants can introduce and implement the new policies and procedures.
* Management of all aspects of the Health, Safety and Welfare at work of all employees. * Creation of formalised policies and procedures. * Safety Statements and Safety Management Systems.
* Creation of a safe and healthy working environment. * Prevention of accident, injury or work related ill health. * Legal compliance. * Prevention of prosecution by the HSA – the average fine issued by the HSA in 2015 was €31,089.28.
* Audit of existing policies. * Consultation with management regarding their objectives. * Documentation in draft format for approval by the client before final production, introduction and implementation of system

Employment Law

When grievances and disputes escalate over and above the realms of normal ERM guidelines, our employment law experts are dedicated to resolving all issues in a timely and amicable manner. Claims of bullying, harassment, unfair dismissals etc. can cause panic and fear for most employers but with the help of our consultants this need not be an upsetting or traumatic event. Where possible we seek to resolve problems through mediation and arbitration and to avoid the recourse of the labour courts. But where things do become more complicated, esa will engage in all legal correspondence, case preparation and representation in the Workplace Relations Commission, Employment Appeals Tribunal and Labour Courts. Our experts have great deal of experience in the area of industrial relations and negotiations with Trade Unions and have a wealth of invaluable acumen to bring to any disputes. Our excellent reputation in Employment Law circles instils a great deal of confidence in employers for whom these kinds of issues are the most daunting and terrifying imaginable.
* Dispute Resolution. * Mediation and Arbitration. * Management of unfair dismissals, redundancies, harassment claims etc.. * Industrial relations management and Trade Union negotiations / liaison.
* Prevention of lengthy and costly court battles. * Reduction of costs, in particular in comparison with current solicitors’ fees. * Solving of current and prevention of future employment disputes. * Provision of indemnity.
* Analysis of case. * Review of existing documentation. * Interviews with all relevant parties, claimants, defendants, witnesses etc. * Consultation with opposing counsel.

Safety, Education & Training

As well as having to provide a safe working environment employers also have a duty to provide education and training on safety in the workplace to all employees. Employees have a right to a safe work place but they also have many responsibilities to work with their colleagues and employers to maintain a safe environment. Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace must be viewed as a shared objective of all members of staff and must be encouraged at all levels. Furthermore, the importance and indeed legal obligation of having trained fire wardens and first aiders on site cannot be stressed highly enough.
* Introduction and explanation of safety systems and procedures. * Seminars on various aspects of safety in the workplace. * Manual handling and manual handling instructors training.
* Safeguarding the future health, and welfare of all employees. * Prevention of accident or injury – 1.6 billion workdays were lost in 2005 due to occupational injury or illness. * Protection of the employee’s and company’s future welfare.
* Public or private courses. * Toolbox talks. * Seminars. * Instructor’s courses. * Theoretical and practical courses. * Interactive courses.

Your Workplace Health Passport

We Provide employees’ access to services and support to assist with mental health, conflict, requirements, financial issues, and other such support that could prevent them for working successfully. Personal problems can adversely affect and impact work performance.
What is EAP anyway?
As an employer, you have a duty to provide a safe of employment with safe systems of operation and to ensure as far a reasonably practicable to look asset in their wellbeing. Your Companies success could depend on it. Because when your employees are happier and healthier, they work harder, get better results, and there’s a more pleasant atmosphere in your workplace.

You may have experienced that before, or it may be a goal of yours to achieve it one day. Health Assured gives you the tools to get there… Under pressure staff, equal under pressure business A disgruntled employee is not only a risk to their safety and that of others, there is always the risk of litigation. ESA who have served thousands of Employers over the past 21 years is very familiar with the consequences of late or no intervention. Defending employer, who provide the best equipment, best facilities and excellent staff are shocked when seated before the WRC or Labour Court to learn of the animosity that took place in their company. It is not unusual to drill down on these claim to discover the stress and anxiety is often not work related or at least not at eh outset.

Modern life is becoming much more instant and convenient in so many ways. But that doesn’t mean it’s getting any easier. In fact, the opposite seems to be true. Today, people feel under immense pressure both inside and outside of work. And most of the counselling sessions we hold with employees are for those struggling with their mental health—a staggering 36% of total calls we received related to the following.

The Five most common issues break down as follows:

It’s clear: if your employees have a depleted sense of wellbeing, it’s going to affect their work. And that affects your bottom line. The moral of others and can end up in Court. But the best employers work to put that right…

So researching this we need to look at the model which reflects:-
1. The organisation
2. Employee Needs
3. Size of company
4. Size and Diversity of Client Population
5. Employee Needs
6. Number and location of sites
7. Budget and existing internal resources
8. Accessible EAP.
This is a huge part of what ESA need to examine.

When employee have no idea what to do or were to go, they find an escape, someone or thing to blame as the Human Mind is in capable of holding its self the problem, to do so leads to a mental breakdown, so it’s easy to blame something or someone for your situation. The best of employer also struggle, call a Solicitor, their Accountant, look to terminate the contract, berry the head and hope.

However Albert Einstein wrote, “A happy man is too satisfied with the present to dwell too much on the future”. ESA’s EAP program aims to change the mind set and calls upon a reliable team of experts assist. Remember our moto: “If you blame others for missing out, you’re missing out the important thing. YOU. (I commit Programme) 6 weeks programme to improve physical and mental health. – Psychologists, Dietitians, Nutritionists, Solicitor, (our Shelley!) Financial Expert.
Commit to:- Being more positive Becoming less stressed Improving financial wellbeing. Completing a workshop that is well constructed and highly engaging, innovative approach to employee health and wellness.

Your Workplace Executive Recruitment Support Passport

Our Clients make strategic recruitment decision based on the needs of their industry and ESA Consultants always provide a huge amount of insight to aid our Clients decisions.

ESA Consultants have extensive hiring support experience and appreciate the challenges and opportunities which generally provides a selection which combats our Clients having to complete a search and leaves the Clients time to get on with the business in hand.
Our Clients make strategic recruitment decision based on the needs of their industry and ESA Consultants always provide a huge amount of insight to aid in our Clients decisions.

ESA Consultants have extensive hiring experience and appreciate the challenges and opportunities which generally provides a selection which combats our Clients having to complete a search and leaves our Clients time to get on with the business in hand. ESA

Consultants deal with time sensitive situations and the desire to get the right fit for the company.

Our hiring support program includes several:

It is clear:
Our Consultants apply an agreed criterion with our Client when recruiting for a position for their company.

Selection exercises typically involve ESA Consultants taking a detailed brief from our client and then using a combination of general market knowledge, high profile advertising to generate a shortlist of interested, high quality, candidates.

ESA Consultants can supply such a service due to the experience levels, recruitment skills, deeper industry, and domain knowledge.

ESA add value at all four stages of the recruitment cycle when you are interviewing: * Briefing * Sourcing * Assessment * Offer Management (Issuing Contracts and Handbooks) This translates into finding more appropriate candidates, more quickly.
Why and what are the benefits as compared to our previous forms of learning.
Quite simply it happens quickly and easily and it is not bound by geography or time. This in turns benefits the employer and employee. Our powerful new E-Learning courses of which we have 108 accredited courses which we have tried and tested and tailored to our Clients needs and we consider it to be equally if not more effective as you can choose the time frame in which you complete your course and also avoids classroom environment which a lot of people anticipate with great apprehension and fear. You get to complete a course that is self-driven and self-paced with measurable results with immediate feedback and recognition for your staff that are office based, geographically dispersed teams; or remote workers. Our courses are easily navigated and can be completed on a bus or train and complete at your own pace if so log onto wwwesa.ie online courses.

For enquires contact Vanessa on vanessa@esa.ie

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