National Hairdressing Apprenticeship - November 2017

Earlier this year the Government through the Apprenticeship Council invited proposals for national apprenticeships. The IHF submitted our proposal for a National Hairdressing Apprenticeship. The closing date for proposals was the 1st September. We have been informed that the Assessment process for proposed Apprenticeships is still on going and formal recommendations of the Apprenticeship Council will not be announced until mid/end November. We will keep everyone informed of any further updates as we get them.

PRESS RELEASE September 2017

National Hairdressing Apprenticeship.

Currently in Ireland there are only 27 Apprenticeships, in 2016 a total of approx 3,700 apprentices were registered. The IHF has long been involved in proposals, negotiations and discussions with all the relevant parties in an attempt to have a recognised National Apprenticeship for Hairdressing.

There is now a whole new process and this called for an industry led consortium to develop a proposal under the new guidelines where the consortium must consist of Employer representatives, Employee representatives, Education representatives, buy-in from named employers and documented statements of support.

5pm on Friday 1st September was the closing date for submissions and we are very happy to say that there were three other proposals with the IHF proposal submitted in relation to hairdressing.

The IHF would like to thank all of those present and past who have worked to have a recognised apprenticeship for hairdressing, we believe there dreams will now be realised and this can only raise the standards, profile and professionalism in our Industry.

You will see from the ten step plan (below) the key areas must be industry led and the IHF are very proud to say that as the leading Industry representation we look forward to the approval of the development of an Apprenticeship.

In the coming months the Apprenticeship Council (which is appointed by the Minister of Education and Skills and consists of representatives from Enterprise, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, Further and Higher Education and training bodies and the department of Education and Skills) will assess the proposals and together make a determination on approval of the development of our Apprenticeship. We would like to acknowledge the other proposers and believe this amount of interest can only ensure we get what we have long fought for a “National Hairdressing Apprenticeship”.

The IHF proposal fulfils all of the criteria of the consortium required and we in conjunction with any future partners believe there will be a National Hairdressing Apprenticeship.

There are ten main steps involved in developing a National Hairdressing Apprenticeship and these are:

  • Proposal-research skills & need (Industry-led consortium)
  • Assessment & approval for development (apprenticeship council, minister for education & skills)
  • Project plan approved & development funding allocated (SOLAS, FEA, Apprenticeship Council)
  • Programme Development (Industry led consortium)
  • Occupational Profile Approved (Apprenticeship Council)
  • QA Approved &programme validated (validation body/QQI)
  • Creation of industrial training order (Solas)
  • Implementation plan &budget agreed (SOLAS and FEA)
  • Approval of employers registration of apprentices (SOLAS)
  • Apprenticeship underway (Industry led consortium)

It is expected by the end of the year the Apprenticeship Council will announce what apprenticeship proposals they approve for further development.

The IHF will post further information on subjects relating to the apprenticeship programme in the coming months.



Inducted into the IHF Hall of Leaders

  • Anthony Kilcoyne, Salon 2, Sligo
  • Andrew Dunne, Mane Hair, Dublin

IHF Recognition Award

  • Olive Tucker Lee, House of Colour Dublin

IHF Salon Ambassador Award

  • Danielle Kennedy, Lloyds Hair, Waterford

IHF Business Award

  • Peter Mark

IHF Media Award

  • Eoin Wright, Foundation, Dublin

IHF International Icon Award

  • Salvatore Fodera, OMC

Also on the night the IHF will announce the winners of the IHF Star Team competition....

The future stars of Irish Hairdressing.

Join this years recipients on the 12th November 2017 at the IHF ICON AWARDS NIGHT in the Ballsbridge Hotel, Pembroke Road, Dublin 4.

Join us in showing our appreciation to all those who have excelled in our industry and get to meet the ICONS of Irish Hairdressing.

There will be a drinks reception at 7pm followed by a meal and the IHF Icon Awards Ceremony

Tickets to this event are €100.

For further details call: 056-8833808 - IHF office.

This event will take place in the Ballsbridge Hotel...http://www.ballsbridgehotel.com/.

Accommodation - Call: 01-6379300...press 1 (option 1, Ref IHF event).

Meet The IHF Star Team Finalists


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